Mere Cie Deux, located in the Seattle area of Washington, USA, was established in 2016 with the purpose of importing fine-quality handmade products from developing countries for distribution throughout the USA.

Mere Cie Deux was started, in the memory of and dedication of Dan & Larry Andrews and their lifetime commitment to Mere Cie, originally established in 1975.

One of our aims is to generate employment in countries which have much to offer the West.

Mere Cie Deux 

32634 Military Road S, Federal Way, WA  98001 USA  

Phone:  206-276-5945

"The Life & Teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother"

The Yoga Principles and Teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, with inspiring stories of devotees applying the teachings to their lives at home and at work.


​tapisseries de la mere

Mere Cie Deux (formerly Mere Cie, Inc.)  

Importers of  The Mother's Fragrances Incense & Mother's India Fragrances Nagchampa, & Oils

​New Fragrances!  We invite you to try them out!