Each Packet contains 12 Sticks and each fragrance also come in Cone Packs of 12 large cones.  The 10" sticks burn from 1 to 2 hours. 

Approximate time of about 18 hours burning time in one 12 Stick packet!

The Mother's Fragrances is proud to introduce to you, The Mother's India Fragrances.  This is our own Nagchampa Series, in which we added 15 more varieties of fragrances!  We are very excited, because we know that this is the BEST & FINEST NAGCHAMPA available! 

The Mother’s Fragrances NagChampa Incenses are made with a wide range of aromatic gums, resins, wood powders, essential oils, and perfumes. However the key ingredient is a native India resin called Halmaddi, a soft gum-like resin obtained from the Ailanthus Malaba-rica tree by making incisions in the bark. This tree is commonly called The Tree of Heaven.

Halmaddi is treacle (like sugar cane syrup or molasses): when fresh it hardens into a brittle but plastic resin with a strong balsamic odor. That is why Halmaddi is normally preserved in water to help it retain its soft gum-like texture. When mixed with honey, its balsamic odor is further sweetened. The combination of Halmaddi and honey enables the slow and long burning of these NagChampa Incenses, and gives them wide diffusiveness as well. Halmaddi is revered for its metaphysical and medicinal values.

These ingredients are all of the PUREST nature, as the base ingredients for these wonderful fragrances.  No substitutes or by products, just the real thing.

Agni  Nagchampa: 
Agni Nagchampa is a subtle and luxurious Musk-like fragrance with a base of Ambrette Seeds and a hint of sweet, soft and warm Balsams. Its scent is softened with refreshing and exotic Orange Blossom (Neroli) and with gentle, caring and spiritually supporting Cedar. A perfect harmony of balsamic, floral and woody notes.
Amrita Nagchampa:   
is a wonderful combination of flavor and fragrance with sweet, spicy and yet light grades of edible Cinnamon. Blended with earthy Patchouli and Cedarwood oils, it develops into a warm, rustic blend of earthy woods and scintillating spices with a hint of the mysterious and alluring fragrance of oriental resins. Attracts good fortune and adds spice to your life.
Ananda Nagchampa:  
Ananda means Spiritual Bliss or Joy.  Anandha Nagchampa is a crisp, clean and sparkling aroma of fresh flowers and herbs. It is built around floral notes of Jasmine and Rose, combined with aromatic nuances of Lavender and Ylang Ylang, and the warm and woody scents of Cedarwood and Patchouli. Also added are leafy spices like Thyme and Coriander, and the vanilla-like sweet notes of Benzoin and Peru Balsam.

Aravind Nagchampa:

Aravind, meaning lotus and named after the great Indian spiritual master, Sri Aurobindo, is a wonderful blend of delicate floral notes of Gardenia, Jasmine, Rose, and the popular Indian Champa. Indian rose absolute with its divine sweetness is paired with the deep hypnotic fragrance of jasmine absolute to make this an irresistible fragrance.

Arjava Nagchampa
An extravagant combination of the most alluring Indian rose and precious woody notes. The smooth, soft and sweet fragrance of precious woody notes is paired with contemporary blends of the east to make this a subtle oriental fragrance of remarkable finesse and distinction. The sweet, warm, rich, and slightly spicy fragrance of precious woody notes creates a joyous atmosphere.
Atma Nagchampa
A sweet floral fragrance in which natural Lavender lends a refreshing and calming note. Fresh Lavender is complemented by the pleasant fruity-flowery aroma of India Kewra (Pandanus flowers) and fragrant Geraniums to add rosiness to this fragrance. In addition, the clean woody aroma of light Vetiver and the earthy, spicy, and sweet fragrance of Clove add a touch of oriental note, resulting in a refreshing and elegant fragrance that brings rejuvenation and calm.
Bhakti Nagchampa
An exquisite fragrance of mellowed Rose, the queen of flowers. Crowned with sweet and spicy Geranium, irresistible Tuberose, an added touch of the exotic scent of aged Patchouli, and a woody undertone from Himalayan Cedarwood, it spreads its divine fragrance full of devotion.

Buddha Nagchampa:

Buddha, meaning The Awakened Soul, is an elevating heavenly woody fragrance with sacred light sandal, holy vetiver, pure spicy patchouli and sweetened by milky oriental balsams

Chakra Nagchampa:

Chakra, meaning Energy Centers, is an exhilarating fresh, crisp and floral rosy fragrance with a touch of tropical fruits and asian spices together with lingering jasmine, intense tuberose, fresh cyclamen and crisp lily

Dhyana Nagchampa:

Dhyana, meaning Meditation, is a fragrance with rich orientals like olibanum, also called as church incense, mystic and ancient benzoin and sacred sandal. A fragrance very suitable for meditation. A rich woody fragrance.

Frankincense Nagchampa
Sweet Frankincense based on pure Frankincense, the oldest form of incense, our sweet frankincense is well supported by sweet balsamic notes of Indian Benzoin, the divine aroma of earthy Gugal, delightfully relaxing Cedar wood oil and a mild trace of Assamese Oudh to add a touch of mysticism to this holy incense.

Ganesh Nagchampa
A wonderfully soothing aroma of fresh and modern blend of a variety of French lavenders. Exceptionally clean herbaceous, spicy and green notes of lavenders from top to bottom with a touch of velvety lavandin and lavender absolute for the heart notes. Opening with hints of mild notes of rose and rosemary, followed by heart notes of an alluring blend of lavandin, lavender, and lavender absolute dries down to a warm and sensuous note of patchouli and amber.

Govinda Nagchampa:

Govinda, named after young Krishna, is a lush & lovely floral blend with many layers of sweet smelling champa, sparkling fresh neroli and alluring ylang ylang. The strong green lemony note of lemongrass adds to the complexity of the blend. The rich and intense floral aroma of Rose absolute joins with the mesmerizing aroma of jasmine absolute to add opulence to this poetic fragrance.
Guna (Coffee) Nagchampa
Delicious and warm, like real coffee, gives a burst of energy with its first whiff.  Quitting caffeine the easy and fragrant way!
Jyoti Nagchampa
is a classic fragrance based on the warm, sweet vanilla-like aroma of Benzoin, the key ingredient in ancient incense. Benzoin is combined with the wonderful and musky oriental notes of Myrrh, Vetiver and Patchouli, and the fresh floral fragrance of natural Kewra (Pandanus flower), to form a very pleasant and harmonious fragrance.
Lakshmi Nagchampa
is a milder version of the popular India temple fragrance. It is based on the sweet and cool Golden Champa flower (michelia champaka). Anchored by a base of Sandalwood powder and blended beautifully with Rose and night-blooming Jasmine, it creates an atmosphere suitable for prayer and meditation.
Lavanya Nagchampa
is a fresh aromatic blend of several grades of Jasmine, the king of flowers, combined with spicy green notes of oriental resins to create an aura of freshness and liveliness. Added notes of Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, and Cedar complete this signature fragrance.
Lila Nagchampa
is full of fresh Patchouli blended artistically with classic earthy Vetiver, traces of intoxicating Tuberose, soothing Benzoin, and green Oak Moss, crowned with a touch of spice to give it an oriental flavor.

Mauna Nagchampa:

Mauna, meaning Silence is also based on the sweet, rich and slightly woody temple fragrance of India and the wonderful golden champa flower together with sweet and elegant rose and pure and subtle sandal.

Meera Nagchampa
A rich, deep and intensely oriental fragrance with a base of sandalwood and cedar.  Warm and comforting.

Moksha Nagchampa
An oriental woody fragrance featuring the intense and rich aroma of Saffron from Kashmir. This is combined with a blend of soft Rose petals and fresh Lily of the Valley, and paired with an equal dose of Tuberose, making it a graceful and charming fragrance like its flowers.

Neem Nagchampa:

The fragrance of Neem leaves, with its spicy undertones, has a cleansing and purifying effect on the air and atmosphere.

Om Nagchampa
Features opening notes of sweet and soft Vanilla followed by rich heart notes of the heavenly India Temple fragrance of Champa, and supported by intense and mystical Amber, sweet and spicy Cassia, and warm Balsams. True to its name, it invokes devotion and peace.

Oudh Nagchampa:

​Oudh also called Agar wood, oudh is known in the East as the, “Wood of Gods”. With top notes of majestic Rose and sumptuous Vanilla, middle notes of comforting Benzoin and warm and spicy Cedar wood oil and anchoring base notes of warm and velvety Assamese Oudh, it is deep, rich and sensuous. The scent of 1001 Arabian Nights. A classic Oudh.

Paulo Santo Nagchampa
This sweet celestial fragrance arouses our senses, attracts good spirits, positive energies and gives a feeling of sublime joy.  This sweet celestial fragrance arouses our senses and instils peace of mind, confidence and security. Attracts good spirits, positive energies and gives a feeling of sublime joy.

Pavitra Nagchampa:

Pavitra, meaning purity, is a clean and soft floral blend of jasmine bejeweled with the exquisite sensuous fragrance of jasmine grandiflorum absolute and the fresh, intense, sweet and dazzling fragrance of velvety turkish rose absolute. With a base of mystic amber and balsamic orris, heart of fresh rose, tangy neroli and fruity ylang ylang, it is a subtle floral delight.

Purusha Nagchampa
Features English Lavender which brings rejuvenation and relaxation. Fresh fruity Citrus notes are combined with the earthy green notes of Patchouli, followed by cool Orris and milky Benzoin, and anchored by a prominent Sage note. An overall crisp blend of these elements presided over by Lavender and Sage for a refreshing aroma.

Sage Nagchampa:

Blended with rosemary, spice, lavender and orange blossom. Heals all, and is anti bacterial.

Sattwa Nagchampa
A blend of clean, soft, oriental woody notes that will last throughout the day. The rich deep fragrance of the Indian Kewda oil (Pandanus) combined with cool breezy Vetiver, calming Lavender and the strong and flowery Tuberose make this a warm, intense and rich fragrance.
Shanti Nagchampa
Emulates the traditional temple fragrance of India. It is based on the sweet floral bouquet of the India Golden Champa flower, also known as the Flower of Paradise (michelia champaka). Anchored by a base of Sandalwood powder and blended beautifully with Rose and night blooming Jasmine, it creates an atmosphere suitable for prayer and meditation.

Siddhartha Nagchampa:

Siddhartha, named after young Buddha, is a fresh and spontaneous floral blend based on the heavenly fragrance of the flower of flowers, Ylang Ylang. Its sensuality is complimented by the cheerful freshness of neroli, voluptuous rose, charming lilac, and minty patchouli.

Veda Nagchampa:

Veda, meaning knowledge, is a honeyed ethereal fragrance of Holy Frankincense. A blending of the finest grade of olibanum, more familiarly known as church incense, and the best benzoin from Siam imparts a chilly sweet, warm woody and powdery balsamic incense aroma that is stimulating and elevating to the mind. Orris is the star of this lovely layered resinous fragrance, with delicate rosy and sharp spicy notes hiding under its dense balsamic richness.
Vishnu Nagchampa
An enchanting aroma of exotic spices and sweet scents of the East. Supporting a woody oriental fragrance of Saffron is a harmony of forest notes of Oak Moss and Cedarwood. An appealing fragrance of fresh, floral, oriental and woody blends.
Yagna Nagchampa
A harmonious blend of calming Lavender with soft woody notes of Nagarmotha Oil from India. Well supported by spicy and minty undertones of Patchouli and foresty Oak Moss. An exceptional smooth, natural fragrance.

Yoga Nagchampa:

A stunning sandalwood blend, in the best of sandalwood traditions. A beautiful combination of oakmoss, patchouli and vetiver, with centre stage for sandalwood. Pure and grounding, perfectly suited for meditation or yoga sessions.
The Mother's Fragrances and The Mother's India Fragrances are the CLEANEST BURNING incense available, with only pure natural ingredients and no chemical base nor additives.  We invite you to enjoy these Wonderful Nagchampa Fragrances!

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We are a hand-made fragrance line with no dipping!!  No yucky side effects =)

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