Eucalyptus Blue:  This cool, refreshing fragrance of Eucalyptus, brings the smell of pristine, pure nature to your room.  It's creativity, with special undertones, inspires you and motivates you to transcend yourself.  Its egoless simplicity gives you a feeling of infinity.  Clean, pure, simple, and attractive!  Nature's alchemy!

Clove Leaf:  With its warm, sweet, and beautifully aromatic fragrance, clove leaf is a fragrance of joy and inner spiritual beauty, encouraging a deeper connection with one's higher self.  Guides to move forward,  discouraging inhibiting thoughts.  Wards off negative energies and keeps away dreaded insects.  Gems of nature!

Anise:  The fresh, warm, spicy, and sweet liquorice - like aroma of Aniseed uplifts our emotions, clears fatigue, and stimulates our conscious mind.  This spiritually flavoured magical spice helps us to gain insight and psychic awareness.  Wards off negativity from the atmosphere and invokes Blessings.  A blend of flavor and Fragrance!

5 Fragrance Ministick Sampler - Special Herbal Aromas (5" Sticks and 6 Sticks per Fragrance)

: Aloe Vera (healing, immortal, mysterious, pure), Cinnamon Bark (pleasant, sweet, simple, warm), Anti Mosquito(green, relaxing, resinous, natural),Neem (antibacterial, refreshing, purifying),Palo Santo Extra (calming, cleansing, elevating, sacred)


Lemongrass:  Smelling like fresh grass with a lemony tweak, lemongrass is the best cleanser of both inner and outer atmospheres.  With its great soothing, sedating, and calming effects on the mind - it helps fight depression and alleviate insomnia.  It also helps uplift spirit and instills hope, confidence, and enhances self-esteem.  Also a natural deodorizer, as well as a natural bug repellant!

Eucalyptus:  This amazingly rich and camphorous aromatic fragrance with Eucalyptus oil and powder frees your mind and brings an air of freedom and clear thinking.  This cool fragrance burns away negative vibrations and feelings, as well as brightens up the atmosphere in any room.  Brings happiness and good fortune.  Happy and Rejuvenating!

Clove Bud:  With its divine smell from undiscovered nature, Clove bud helps unblock your seven chakras and energy centers running the length of your spine.  Giving you mental and emotional clarity, to break limiting patterns and set off to a great intuitive and spiritual journey.  Unleashing the power of nature!

Neem:  The fragrance of neem leaves with its spicy undertones, has a cleansing and purifying effect on the air and the atmosphere.  Refreshes the mind, body, and soul, with also helping achieving mental clarity.  Soothes the nerves and sharpens the senses.  Repels house and garden bugs.  Nature's Ambassador!

5 Fragrance Ministick Sampler Cleansing Aromas (5" Sticks and 6 Sticks per Fragrance)

Fragrances: Eucalyptus (cool, cleansing, happy & rejuvenating), Neem (antibacterial, refreshing, purifying), Palo Santo (Holy Wood, awakening, calm, protective),Rosemary (energizing, refreshing),Lemongrass (warm spicy, somewhat of a 'dry' fragrance, refined exotic touches)


Palo Santo:  With its sweet and pleasant woody fragrance, it is very helpful to those in search of spiritual awakening.  Its calming scent keeps the mind free of worldly worries, and helps one get in touch with the inner self.  Its sacred fragrance opens your sensuality, and gives you calm, confidence, and a sense of security.  A classic!

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Citronella Ceylon:  With its clean, fresh and warm citrusy fragrance, its an all natural deodorizer of homes and offices.  Also as a gentle and safe insect repellant.  Acts as a natural stress reliever by calming the nerves and promoting a positive mood and clear thoughts, with enhanced focus and mental clarity.  A great pet tamer and the best natural mosquito repellant

5 Fragrance Ministick Sampler - Spicy Aromas (5" Sticks and 6 Sticks per Fragrance)

: Anise (sweet, spicy, playful & encouraging), Eucalyptus Blue (clean, fresh, inspiriting & purifying), Cinnamon Leaf (homely, open, relaxing, very friendly),Palo Santo (cleansing, inspiring, purifying, sacred & stable),Rosemary Lavender (fresh, gentle, relaxing & soothing)


Mere Cie Deux(formerly Mere Cie, Inc.)  

Mother's Fragrances Incense - New Herbal Incense Line

Nochi:  A green fragrance from the heart of nature to repel insects in the house, expecially mosquitos, and bugs in the garden.  Supported by oils and powders of neem and basil, and anchored with the oil and powder from native Indian plant vitex negundo.  With being a natural repellant, this fragrance will definitely give you a peace of mind.

Citronella Java:  This one is slightly stronger than the Citronella Ceylon, with its sweet, powerful, and lemony scent can encourage relaxation, invigoration and pleasant memories.  May even reduce troubled sleeping and depression.  With its activating and warming stress relieving aroma, it induces a fresh, happy feeling, and hope.  Also, a natural bug repellant!

Cinnamon Leaf:  Cinnamon, beyond its wonderful spicy, warm, and comforting fragrance and flavour is a great air freshener.  Its aroma, paired with a mouth watering taste, is the very heart warming and arouses our senses and instills peace of mind, confidence and security.  Attracts good spirits and positive energies.  A sublime joy! 

Cinnamon Bark:  The lingering warmth of this uniquely sweet aroma of Cinnamon, creates an inviting cozy atmosphere for family and guests.  Native to Sri Lanka, it is one of the oldest and most used spices in the history of mankind.  It increases the energy level and promotes well being and happiness. A great festival specialty.

Palo Santo extra:  The sacred woody fragrances of Palo Santo or Holy Wood, as it is called, cleanses and purifies the spirit and atmosphere of negative energies.  Inspires creativity, evokes protection and brings love and good fortune.  Creates a very good atmosphere for meditation.  Natures wifi to connect with the Divine!

Rosemary Lavender:  Refreshing Rosemary has been blended with fragrant lavender to achieve the maximum benefit of these two excellent fragrances.  This is a very popular combination, that is gentle, soothing, and refreshing.  Triggers many psychological effects, inspires creativity in heart and mind.  Expels the feeling of being overworked.  A perfect stress combatant!

Rosemary:  Penetrating fragrance, supports creative energy into action.  Frees you from mental restrictions and fatigue.  It helps you tap the enormous hidden riches of creative imagination and helps you burst into life.  Lowers anxiety levels.  A refreshing natural air freshener!  Uplifting! 

Aloe Vera:  Called as the "plant of immortality", Aloe Vera is the most popular herb in the world of aromatherapy today.  Like the benefits of its other forms, its undiscovered mystical and sweet fragrance with a stamp of class and sophistication is a great prufier of the indoor air quality both scientifically and sprirually.  A real gem of Nature!

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18 Frg MiniStick Sampler (5" Sticks and 6 Sticks per Fragrance)

Fragrances: Anise, Aloe Vera, Anti-Mosquito, Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamon Leaf, Citronella Ceylon, Citronella Java, Clove Bud, Clove Leaf, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Blue, Lemongrass, Neem, Palo Santo, Palo Santo Extra, Rosemary, Rosemary Lavender, Sage


​​​​​​Mother's Fragrances Incense -  Herbal Fragrances

The Mother's Herbal Fragrances incense sticks are hand rolled using the finest and purest natural oils and a mixture of more than twenty rare and fragrant herbs.  Each fragrance is a meticulously formulated to bring out the natural scent of the specific fragrance and offer the best emotional and therapeutic influences.  The use of our herbal incense allows you to experience the smells and the feelings of nature in a unique way.  Never any chemicals or dipping.  Purest form of nature.